Animal Rescue App

Animal rescue is a mobile application that wants to provide a platform for people who care about stray animal and sheltered animals. Its main purpose is to provide information to those who want to help lost animals and sheltered animals.

Core Problem

According to research, 56% of dogs and 71% of cats that entered animal shelters are euthanized. Only 15.8% of dogs and 2% of cats are reunited with their owners. 2.7 million animals entered animal shelters are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats). - United States


With 2.7 million lives being euthanized every year, there is no efficient way for owners to find their lost animals or people who are trying to get a pet to find the information they need. For those who want to help but cannot have a pet in their home, they have no way to help these animals. There need to be a platform that can both raise awareness of the situation animals are facing as well as help those animals find a home. 


User Flow


Selected UI Screens