FORM Swim App (iOS & Android)

“This app is an unexpectedly amazing bonus to using the FORM Swim Goggles. It feels like Strava for swimmers.”

- from the users

My Role & Works

I worked as a UX/UI designer in the two people product design team that was lead by the creative director, aka, the other designer. This gave me chances to work on almost every feature we have, big or small. Big like My Goggles and Goggles configuration features, small like a drop-down list. I worked very closely with product managers, devs, and creative director to help create the app from scratch to final release and every single update after. Because of limited dev resources and abilities, sometimes we have to comprise on design to be able to ship the feature on time. It's painful to see but that's how business works.

The Problem

FORM Swim Goggles gives swimmers real-time metric while they swim, and it is the FORM Swim App’s job to solve the problem to showcase the data we tracked in the app and create a community and platform for swimmers to read, track and share their swims with their friends, teams and coaches. Apart from that, we need to give users a seamless experience of configuring their goggles before they hit the pool or open water. 

The Exploration & Solution

With limited manpower comes great responsibility. Here are some of the works I did:

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