FORM Swim App (iOS/Android)

FORM Swim App is the companion app of FORM Swim Goggles. Analyze swim metrics, customize your goggles, and connect with the FORM community.


(Designers: Jane Kim, Manny Xu)

Core Problem

Swimmers can never see the pace clock when they are swimming, everything depends on their intuition and feelings. After each swim, they go for their coach and learn about how they swam. The blindness in the pool cost so many time lost and training in vein. It could be a couple weeks before swimmers and coach realize what really happened with their swim. 


To gain more control while swimming, swimmers need something to help them know how they are swimming. 


I worked on the app side of the product where massive amount of data is displayed to user. The main purpose of the app is to show the data and connect siwmmers with each other through an intuitive and simple interaction in this huge app. While designing, we went through different way of data illustration and compromise with how much workload developers can handle as well asl our timeline. 


FORM Swimming goggles is targeted at pool swimming for competitive swimmers and fitness swimmers alike. 


Eva Lee is a 22-year-old competitive swimmer who swims over 5 times a week. Her favorite stroke types are Freestyle and Backstroke. Local pool in Vancouver Aquatic Centre is her favorite. She swims outdoor sometimes, but mostly has structured interval practice at the pool. Most of the days she trains with her group under a guidance from their coach. Coach manually record their time and other metrics. 


Eva doesn’t have a wearable yet. But she owns 3 pairs of goggles, with a total price of $120 to $150. Brands like Speedo is her go to brand. 


FORM Swimming Goggles and FORM Swim App. 


An AR goggles that shows metrics while swimmers swim in the pool. User can see metrics such as stroke rate, stroke count, time, distance, Pace per 100 etc. 

On the app side, user is able to join a whole community of swimmers. Seeing a very detailed metrics of how they swam. User is able to customize what they see in the goggles and set goals every week to push themselves to be better. 

Wireframe and Flowcharts

In wireframes, we went with a method of interaction by interaction to demonstrate to stakeholders and developers on how we designed the UX and how the interaction goes. 

Sample of interaction: Social feature

Sample of flowchart: 

Selected UI Screen

Icon Animations


Both the FORM Swim goggles and FORM Swim app received good reviews from both medias and customers. 



- The app received a 4 star rating in app store. 


- The goggles was well reviewed from Wired, Endget, The Verge and many more.