FORM Support Centre

Designed as the only support centre where customers can look for answers and give us feedback. 

Core Problem

First of all, I have never designed a support centre before. While doing research and brainstorming of support centre, the only thing in my mind was to create the most direct flow. Within three clicks user is able to find the information they need. 

Wireframe Exploration

With a simple flow in mind, support centre was divided into three layers: Main level, where user can choose which category they are going with; second level, where user can either choose category again or choose the question; third level is optional. User is able to search for answer as well. With a plugin to help us gather user feedbacks, the support centre is helping FORM getting better and better.  

A sample of support centre wireframe designs

Selected UI Screens

With a goal for simplistic design, the website was design with minimum interactions and least amount of scroll to get users straight into the information and purchase the goggles.