FORM E-commerce Website

Designed as the marketing platform for coaches and swimmers alike learn and buy FORM Goggles. is the website for everything FORM. 

Core Problem

The whole purpose of this website is to help user understand what Form Goggles is and FORM’s marketing story telling. Through multiple iterations of storyboarding and wireframing with designers and marketing team, we decided on the final website we have right now. The UI process is to keep a most simplistic style of the website to keep user focused on the goggles. 

Wireframe Exploration

Every page was designed first with multiple version and then after a review meeting, we choose one and iterate on that one. The wireframe phase is an essential part of design process for the website as it involves not only designers, but also marketing team to decide on the direction and story of the website.

A sample of product page wireframe designs

A sample of wireframe screens

A sample of flowchart for website

Selected UI Screens

With a goal for simplistic design, the website was design with minimum interactions and least amount of scroll to get users straight into the information and purchase the goggles.