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FORM Goggles

FORM Swim Goggles gave users the experience of seeing their swim data in real-time and much more. It’s the first-ever swim wearable that support such features.

My Role & Works

I worked on the Open Water features for the goggles. The tough one was to create an experience where users have to handle both Garmin watch and FORM goggles and different scenarios of where and how this experience will take place. When they were pairing it for the first time or when they go for a swim in training or even when they are in a competition for triathlons. 

The Problem

FORM Swim Goggles doesn’t support Open Water swimming natively, but business goals drove us into supporting the open water features. The only way is to work with GPS watches. That gave us a big design challenge of how we can incorporate another device’s experience into FORM Swim Goggles’ native experience. 

The Exploration & Solution

Here are some of the works I did:

Open Water Swim - Garmin.jpg
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