FORM E-Commerce Website

Designed as the marketing platform for coaches and swimmers alike to learn and buy FORM Goggles. is the website for everything FORM. 

My Role & Works

I am the UX/UI designer of the FORM website, the majority of the pages were designed by me, from landing page to checkout process. I work very closely with the director of Marketing to figure out the final design we want, with a photographer and graphic designer to figure out what kind of photography we need and how they should be shot.  For recent campaigns, I have been involved a lot more in photography and video editing.

The Problem

The whole purpose of this website is to introduce users to the FORM Goggles and buy them. Other than introduce users to FORM Goggles, the goal is to make it as easy as possible to buy and purchase the goggles, understand how it works and find the information they need to evaluate if they should buy it. 

The Exploration & Solution

With limited manpower comes great responsibility. Here are some of the works I did: