Operator Companion App UX

Operator companion app is a MVP project for Finning Digital. The goal of this project is to develop a mobile application (Minimum Viable Product) for heavy equipment machine operators to use that tracks their operating performance against other operators, scores them points for operating in an efficient, carbon reducing manner, and coaches on how to operate more efficiently.  


The application is planned to give the users an engaging and fun experience, with an investment from the operator that will allow them to generate rewards for their positive, efficient activity.


Core Statement

We will create a gamified mobile application that coaches heavy equipment machine operators to reduce fuel consumption and therefore lower carbon footprint.

Empathy Map


Experience Map

Since it is very dangerous for operators to work while using their phone. The whole experience is mainly designed for two-time period per day:


Time of use


In the morning (before work): every day before starting to work, user will receive an alert from the app asking if user is still using the same machine he/she operated yesterday. If not, app will direct user to switch to today’s machine.


At night (after work): Every day after work, user will receive a notification of how his/her performance is today. Going into the app, user will see detailed performance and how far user is from target reward as well as some suggestions on how to earn more XP, which is a subtle way of coaching operators to reduce fuel consumption. 

Card Sorting Test

Goal: Identify current information architecture structure flaws and user perspective.


Format: Card Sorting. Give tasks and ask users to categorize different tasks into different categories and give a name to each group.

Final site map

User Flow


Final Usability Test

Goal: Test usability issue before final delivery 




Task based testing (Completion rate, first click)




- Only one tester didn’t remember how to redeem a reward afterwards.

- 2/10 testers cannot remember or correctly where coaching tips is.

- One tester missed trophy and one missed coaching tips (Daily performance, trophies(missions), coaching tips, rewards)

- One tester didn’t understand what wallpaper is for.

- Try to differentiate clickable and untappable elements.

- Want a clearer explanation of why there are 2 currencies.

- Why is “general” not the average of other categories

- Can be more intuitive

- Confusion of why tips and suggestions are in missions. they are performance. think home screen is more performance oriented, should have tips and daily performance.

- There is some confusion between trophy, rewards and missions. - - Need to make trophy and “new missions” consistent.

- One bug appeared, click home screen but appeared as Me screen.

- Get feedback saying that long term wise “manually collect” may not be as exciting as auto trophy.

- One testers didn’t understand what coins mean at first.

- Coaching tips position might be better to move up a little

- In coaching tips, “general” is a little misleading, probably should rename it.

- Should make a clear indication in the process that equipment is connect to machines.

- Should add a swipe function to spinning wheel

- Update the “i” button for detail performance. make it more eye catching.

- Need to have an affordance in trophy list saying that user need to manually collect the trophy