Sogou Ad Search Projects

My role at Sogou as a Product Manager includes several responsibilities: Specing features, designing flows and wireframes, hiring and training interns to help with data auditing. 

My Works

Medical industry Origin answer is based on query intent analysis model, which will be triggered if user query is searching for disease symptom or its cure. The main part of this Origin answer can be divided into two parts: Cause and Symptom, Medicine and Prevention. Within each part, there are a picture of this disease and its cause and symptom, or medicine choices and prevention method.

Here is the PRD: 

Relevance measurement project is an extremely data driven project. My KPI is based on the percentage of relevance level and the effect ads have on normal search results. This project's sole purpose is to form rules of the standards of relevant on different levels and use strategies to eliminate bad results from search results. To measure the DCG score, PM is required to understand each query's intent and analyze what user is searching and determine if the result is relevant. 

I created the first measurement guideline which helped Devs created a much better ranking algorithm and led to this project from a losing project into a winning project in just 2 months. I led this product from losing to Baidu (core competitor) 0.41% to winning 2.22% in only 5 months. I surpass my annual KPI of 2015 four months early. 

Here are some of the docs I wrote: