Sogou Search Quality Degree 

Role: Product Manager


Quality Degree is the standard of measuring an advertisement based on its relevance with keyword and creative attractiveness. The higher an ad’s Quality Degree is, the more chances it will get higher CTR. 


Higher Quality Degree offers clients a better chance of gaining a higher-ranking position with a rather lower bidding price. In the meantime, it is also proven that higher CTR will follow up, which will increase client profit as well as search engine income. 

Feature Description

0 to 5 star rating system


0 Star and 1 Star ads are completely determined by relevance. 0 star are those irrelevant with keywords, while 1 star are those have a rather low relevance score. 

2 star to 5 star ratings

2 Star – 5 Star ads are those qualified for promotion to the left, their actual star rating will be determined by creative attractiveness. 


​Creative Recommendation Tool

Creative recommendation tool is an optimization tool for clients to choose better new creative that suits their ads better, and eventually increase their clients. With better creative(relevant and new), ads will very much likely to get more clicks and a better Quality Degree will be calculated by our algorithm.