Tourbuddy App

Tourbuddy is a mobile application that aims to connect people who are interested in watching concerts but don’t have friends to go with them. The app recommend shows based on user’s interests. To find a perfect “buddy” to go see a concert with, user need to improve their likeability and fill in more interest tags as well as labeling shows they want to go in Tourbuddy. 


Main features:

- Recommended show list

- Rating system

- Buddy recommendation

Core Problem

Lots of people like music, but some can’t go or are less willing to go to see a concert because they don’t have friends who share the same interest musically. To solve this problem, I want to create a mobile application that can not only give user information of show information near them but also help them find the perfect “buddy” to share this amazing experience. 


Tourbuddy's target user audience are those between 25 and 35 who love music but don't have friends who share the same interest (genre for example). Another type of user are those who are new to a city and don't have any friend in here. They want to make friends and know people who have the same interests with them. 

Information Architecture

Sample of IA chart

User Flow


Selected UI Screens